'The Sapphire Supernova' 1996
 'A Story Book Wedding'  1998
         'My  Rein  Beau'  1998
          'My Mammoni' movie poster
      'Destination Anywhere'  2004
     Hot 'Shaw'ts  1999
    Angel  'MAT'erial   2000
         'Undercover Girls'  2003
         'Girlie Show'  2003
Family Portrait  2005
             'The Kerrio's'  2008
             'THE  Dogs'  2007
'ROCK  STAR'   2008
"De BIG Supper"  2008
"De BIG Supper"  2008  Tim Horton's Holy Grail
Nonna Rosina
These are some of my favourite portraits I painted throughout the years.  They are all acrylic on canvas.   
Click on each image above or scroll down to view.
'Titan'  2017
Song:   'My Baby's Heart is Blind'   (Raquel)